The Holy Spirit is Working – Keep Praying!

One of the exciting discoveries I have noticed as I get older, (I turn 83 this month), is the proliferation of dreams that flood my mind in the early hours of the morning!

Doesn’t the Bible say “And it shall come to pass in the last days …….your old men shall dream dreams” ? Acts 2:17

Well, who would have thought that dreams and old men are synonymous. In the last few years that is a growing realisation for me. Haha!

This week I awoke to a surreal experence when I had a dream of the work of the Holy Spirit in the world in which we live.

In the after glow of this “out of this world experience” I was reminded of the scripture that says …… “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.” 1 Corinthians 2:9

In my dream it seemed as if I was taken into the unseen world of the Holy Spirit and caught a glimpse of His omnipresent network that was not  limited by space or time.

He was everywhere working in real time! 

In fact He has been working long before I existed in human form.

It is difficult to describe as His presence was more active than the wi-fi and digital signals that are swirling all around us unseen, which you may have seen on TV adds.

The difference is, it wasn’t a digital image I saw darting here there and everywhere.

It was the person of God the Holy Spirit who was working spectacularly and simultaneously for all mankind, of all races around the world in the past, present and future. 

It was so vivid I could see Him working non stop on my behalf in real time and He wasn’t judgemental.

He showed incredible love for me, I’m crying even as I try to tell you in words in this blog. 

The fascinating part of it was that in my conscious world I didn’t know or comprehended it.

He was working to influence me to the right path which I really only understand spiritually.

After waking I lay there amazed (stunned) at His power, His ability, His strategy, His compassion, His gentleness, His smoothness of operation, His wisdom and all encompassing love toward the human race which He created.

Which reminded me of the scripture that says, “He is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance.” 2 Peter 3:9

Then the dream started to fade in my memory but the impact upon my faith left an indelible impression upon my spirit of the Power of Prayer.

No I’m not preaching the doctrine of Universalism but even in the confines of mankind’s freewill, He is continually working and is seeking to steer/influence/save all of us so that we can come to a knowledge of Salvation through Christ.

It reminded me of the song called “Waymaker” which says He Never Stops, Never Stops Working.

Take a listen as David sings while you continue to read.  It’s from a live stream broadcast from New Hope, a Nazarene Church in Florida.

Did you notice the lyrics that kept repeating the phrase “He never stops working, never stops, never stops working.” ?

Well thats exactly what I saw in my dream.

He is working on our behalf.

So often we think when our prayers are not answered that God is not working, or His response is negative.

So often we put our own negative interpretation to what is happening in the world and in our lives and stop praying.

Have you ever wondered why Jesus said, “Ask and keep on asking and it shall be given you; seek and keep on seeking and you shall find; knock and keep on knocking and the door shall be opened to you”Luke 11:9

He wants you to know He is working despite what you see happening in the world. In particular your world.

Well He is still working and your prayer of continual asking pleases Him and is an expression of your faith to which He continually responds.

That is why you need to continually ask in faith to be healed!

That is why you need to continually pray for your family members, particularly those who ’seem’ far from the kingdom.

That is why you need to continually pray for wisdom on your life’s journey.

Pray for that person that comes across your pathway to influence them toward faith.

Trust the Holy Spirit who is working supernaturally behind the scene.

In my dream I saw the Holy Spirit working on issues that He saw in His foreknowledge long before I saw it coming.

Long before this century, He saw that the people of Ukraine would be thrown into a senseless war. 

Mark my words, despite this horrendous “man-made” conflict, the Holy Spirit is working behind the scenes to bring justice, peace and salvation out of a hopeless and tragic situation.

So keep praying because He never stops working in answer to prayer.

Many years ago Betty & I lost a baby boy when he was 8 days old. His name was John-Paul.

I sent requests all over Australia to churches and friends to pray that he would live, but he didn’t.

I was shattered and couldn’t make sense of it at all! 

After all, I was a missionary who preached that God was a good God and heals the sick, but my prayers were not answered as I thought they should be!

Somehow I expected special favour; but it didn’t happen.

Little did I realise the Holy Spirit was working behind the scenes long before John-Paul was even conceived.

The idea that God is working to bring about a higher good for all those involved in tragedy is hard to comprehend.

In my dream I saw it happening in real time and it was amazing but even as I write this I am starting to wonder?

Thats why we need to believe the Bible and not our ‘feelings’!

It’s called simple faith!


If you are interested in reading how the Holy Spirit was working behind the scenes take a look at this Link:














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