Knowing Your True Identity – by Ps Rod Best

Many people today struggle with knowing their true identity.

They strive to be valued whether it is amongst their peers, in their ministry position, in their work place or amongst their family.

I have even had people say to me “the church doesn’t value my ministry”.

They are working out of insecurity and a lack of self worth.

People can tend to label us according to what we do and then we struggle to break free of that and for people to realise we are of more value than what they see on the surface.

We can also tend to try gain our recognition and significance from what we do. In God’s Kingdom we must understand that we don’t get our significance from what we do.

We get it from being rightly related to God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ.

We must realise that the whole world lives for their identity, but only a Christian can live from their identity. For the non-Christian, identity is something achieved.

For the Christian, it’s something received. If our identity is in anything other than Christ, we end up in misery.

Why is understanding our new identity so important? Because identity precedes and affects behaviour (also attitudes, emotions, values, etc.). What I do will tend to flow from who I perceive myself to be.

So often the lies about ourselves that the enemy has played upon can hinder us in achieving things for God’s Kingdom.

If we come into agreement with fear, rejection, depression, discouragement and hopelessness, we start to live those things out in our life and think lies about ourself.

What we believe affects what we do.

In living out our lives, we cannot do what we don’t believe we are. We must understand that the devil is empowered by human agreement and when we believe lies about ourself we have just partnered with Him.

Our worth was paid for us. Instead of being overwhelmed by what we are not, we can be overwhelmed by who Jesus is for us. God has an amazing destiny for each of you.

Don’t see yourself from this world’s perspective but start to see yourself from God’s perspective. Your identity is not achieved—it’s received. You’re loved, forgiven, chosen, cared for, and blessed.

So how do we walk with the identity God intends?

1. Understand how God sees us and that He loves us.
2. Bring every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.
3. Replace every lie with truth.

Remember the enemy will always try to get you to believe lies about yourself. When under attack, we focus on what the Father is giving us permission to become.

God wants to bring us into a new perspective where we recognise the powerful full authority we have in His name and that we are children of the King.

Let us all begin to walk as God intended us to walk – with confidence and Godly authority.

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