The Story of the little White Picket Fence

A Sermon Illustration.

Once upon a time there was a little White Picket Fence that was lovingly built and erected in front of an old couple’s cottage.

It was a beautiful little fence ….the kind you dream of when you get old. haha!

The old couple loved their little white picket fence, not only because it looked so pretty in a street of concrete rendered walls ……  but also it stopped children from falling over the edge of the front garden

One sad day an ‘Official’ looking lady came knocking on the door of the house in Celebration Place and said ……. “Im sorry Sir but your white picket fence has got to come down because it is not legal in this estate.”

The wife of the old man of the cottage was very, very upset at hearing this and said to the estate official …… “Its not coming down and thats that!”

But you see her husband had signed a building covenant that must not be broken (just like a marriage covenant),  …… and so the next week sadly the Little White Picket Fence was taken down much to the chagrin of the neighbours who were not impressed.

Time passed and the little White Picket Fence lay on it’s side in the back yard waiting to see how it could be useful again.

Sadly no one seemed to know what to do with it or had any idea how to use it let alone help the old man dispose of it.

One day the old lady who lived in the cottage got an idea of how to use the little White Picket Fence at the back of her house.

You see she couldn’t open her bedroom window because of a lack of privacy from neighbour’s eyes.

Whats more she had the ‘open windows’ policy of typical North Queenslanders, which I as a South Australian never quite understood!

During the summer months it also gets very hot, humid and glary!

So she drew a picture of how she wanted the White Picket Fence to shade the bedroom window ….. and would you believe it? …..  a kind retired pastor came and built it for her.

It looks so nice standing guard in the little back yard ….. and one day it will have climbing red and yellow Roses and flowers growing all over it.

So the little White Picket Fence lives on ….. happily ever after!

The moral of the story is that when you are disappointed with things that happen, …… don’t get sad, get creative and you will be surprised how your disappointments can turn to joy. 

The end result may surprise you when you look out the bedroom window!




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