The Spirit Grieves!

Late in life it is not uncommon to reflect upon where you have been and what you have seen on life’s journey.

While taking some video footage as I walked along the Brighton esplanade on Brisbane’s coast, the troubled water set in motion some thoughts about things that I have witnessed over a lifetime of ministry.

Not given to negativity, I was reluctant to explore the trend my thoughts were taking me.

Interestingly I was taken back to a song my son David wrote and published in 1992.

At the time when he recorded it I thought his lyrics were too poignant!

But with the passing of time perhaps it did have a prophetic edge to it that needed to be spoken.

Dealing with “Fake” ministry is often brushed under the carpet or put in the too hard basket by the Church culture of today.

In this song with the privilege of poetic license David calls it out for what it is: “unauthentic.”

He calls the song “Spirit Weep”, I call it “The Spirit Grieves”.

I think with prophetic foresight he saw the coming proliferation of prosperity, ‘feel good’, easy grace and motivational sermons that are flooding the TV and Internet ministry channels.

This song perhaps shines a light on the need for repentance from unauthentic ministry and manifestations of the Spirit. 

Take a listen to the video below as you read the lyrics. 

It’s not easy to digest!

“For the time has come for judgment to begin at the house

of God – (1 Pet. 4:17).

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