Random Assumptions.

A confusing letter arrived in our post box on Tuesday.

Looking at the letter I make assumptions.

The sender is careless or in a hurry as the stamps are carelessly placed, upside-down and crooked.

The sender does not care that the Post Office worker will have difficulty to stamp the stamps.

The script indicates an older person: maybe confused. Like me for example!

The sender is not financially well off as the pen is cheap and inconsistent.

The sender knows a little about me – my initials and address.

Sending the letter is important to them because they spend $2.20.

I will probably never know “why”

I don’t cook.

I don’t embroider.

For all my searching and assumptions my knowledge about the sender is so little.

As I sit pondering all the clues my mind is drawn to God’s letter to us.

There are things I know about God but I’m reminded that God is a “mystery.”

His thoughts, His plans, His reasons are hidden in the human questions “Why God?”

My knowledge of God is a mere speck in a pool of human knowledge and outside of humanity is “God” who is completely “other”.

The thing is; the mystery of this letter, may never be solved but the mystery of God will be made clear and we will know Him face to face.

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