Enjoy Getting Old

April 2nd, 2022

Im often intrigued by older men (and women) who don’t like to be considered “old”.

I hear them say “I’m not old I’m mature” and “age is just a number.”

Some older men, even pastors give the ‘The Old Codger’ group a wide birth because they are are too proud to admit they are old.

Thats ok but I laugh to myself and entreat them to accept the fact that old age is a blessing.

The truth is that even as we age the issue of pride is a constant companion.

So I decided to have a “sea change” as I loved the prestige of being a pastor!

I quit preaching and slowly untangled myself from its heavy responsibilities and commitments.

I wanted to do something completely different.

Now that I am officially an old man, I love the opportunities that are afforded to me to express myself in this wonderful world that we live in.

Nearly twenty years ago when I officially retired at the age of 65, I decided quite by accident that life offers a whole new gamut of opportunities that I never dreamed of.

For example, with plenty of free time on my hands, I was approached at a shopping centre by a representative of the Red Cross.

I was asked if I would be interested in volunteering with the Red Cross.

To which I spontaneously replied “Why Not”!

I had to cheerfully approach people near the RedCross Bus in the shopping centre and engage them in a conversation to see if they would like to donate blood?

Each donor was then vetted by a medical professional and if they were deemed suitable donors, I would engage them in pleasant conversation, give them a cup of tea or coffee and helped them fill in the required medical form.

It was a simple service that regularly saw people donating their blood to the Blood Bank, which inturn was used to save the lives of many people in Hospitals across the country.

I figured that all I needed to do was with a smile on my face engage the donors in the positive emotion of helping others.

As for me it was just another way to help save souls!

So for a period of five years until I reached 70 I assisted the Red Cross once a month serving on the streets and shopping centres of Brisbane coaxing people to come and give blood.

I met scores of people from all walks of life and enjoyed trying to make their blood donation experience a pleasant one.

Im sure Telemarketers or phone callers have annoyed you at times as they intrude into your evening hours.

Yesterday I received one such call from a government related body promoting a survey for Aged Care.

Initially I thought  ‘Not another survey’?

Anyhow I decided to give 15 minutes of my time to engage in the survey and perhaps get an opportunity to ‘witness’.

The questions were a little confusing to this old man but I got through with a little help from the questioner.

You see a little kindness and humour goes a long way!

When the survey was complete I asked a question in return.

I said to the young Lady; please don’t think I’m “religious” but before you go would you mind if I prayed for you?

A 30 second prayer nearly brought her to tears when I said “God Bless you” calling her by name!

She said no one has ever prayed for me like that online!

It works a trick when you sincerely bless people, so give it a go next time you get a telemarketer on the phone.

I have found that with age comes respect, which makes it easier to talk with strangers and have a short pleasant conversations.

For example the other day I saw an old lady pushing a walker down the street.

She was a tiny little woman that walked spritely along on her own pushing her walker, to the local supermarket.

When we were about to cross paths on the street one day I called out and said quite spontaneously, “Lady you are an inspiration”!

She looked me with a twinkle in her eye and quickly discerned I had no evil intension and said “Well, thank you sir” and with a big smile spritely went on her way.”

The Bible calls it “letting your light shine”!

Another thing to enjoy in Old Age is the positive power of Dreaming.

Doest the Bible say “Old men shall dream dreams”? Acts 2:17

Last month I had a dream which impacted my faith with blessing.

In fact I wrote about in last months blog, and here I am telling you the story again!

In my dream it seemed as if I was taken into the unseen world of the Holy Spirit and caught a glimpse of His omnipresent network that was not  limited by space or time.

He was everywhere working in real time! 

In fact He has been working long before I existed in my human form.

It is difficult to describe as His presence was more active than the wi-fi and digital signals that are swirling all around us unseen, which you may have seen on TV adds.

The difference is, it wasn’t a digital image I saw darting here there and everywhere.

It was the person of the Holy Spirit who was working spectacularly and simultaneously for all mankind, of all races around the world in the past, present and future. 

It was so vivid I could see Him working non stop on my behalf in real time and He wasn’t judgemental or exhausted.

He was larger than life.

He showed incredible love for me, I’m crying even as I try to tell you in words in this blog. 

The fascinating part of it was, that in my conscious world I didn’t know or comprehended it.

He was working to influence me to the right path which I really only understand spiritually.

After waking I lay there amazed (stunned) at His power, His ability, His strategy, His compassion, His gentleness, His smoothness of operation, His wisdom and all encompassing love toward the human race which He created.

Which reminded me of the scripture that says, “He is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance.” 2 Peter 3:9

Then the dream started to fade in my memory but left an indelible impression upon my spirit of the Power of Prayer.

It gave me wonderful hope for the salvation of my extended family.

Just to know He is listening to my prayers and is working on my behalf.

So if you are getting up in age, rejoice for your redemption drawers nigh.

The Holy Spirit is working alongside you hearing your prayers and working on your behalf!