September 2014 – Relax for Easy Power

G’day, Hello I’m back! Its that time of the year to “Relax for Easy Power”.

I love September because its spring time in Australia and that’s the time to get going and just enjoy life by doing the things you want to do and create new experiances.

Many years ago as a student in Bible College I remember reading a book by the famed American author Norman Vincent Peale called  “The Power of Positive Thinking”.

At the time I recall the robust debates we had in our dormitory, as we ‘theological’ students, pulled to pieces the whole concept of positive thinking and declared it a non-scriptural philosophy based upon man’s postulation of mind control or mind over matter.

I dare say we were naive to say the least reasoning with youthful enthusiasm rather than scriptural truth.

We discovered later, that the mind does indeed play an important role in our well being, particularly when life’s journey is not quite as predictable as we thought it should be. Philippians 2:5; Philippians 4:8

Naturally, the main focus of our lives at that time was understanding the Bible, which we implicitly believed was our road map for the future.

Actually some of the things that Vincent Peale wrote about were not only practical but sensible and based upon the principles of God’s Word!

However, there was one quote that stood out in those wild dormitory debates, which were ironically very robust.

It was the phrase “Relax for Easy Power”, which interestingly, should I say it? become my mantra. No, not in some religious sense but as a philosophical phrase for life.

Just a few weeks ago I was blessed to have an old friend visit us here in Brisbane. It was Norman Millburn from Adelaide a fellow Bible student and part of our male voice quartet that went to Bible College with me in 1959.

The recording you are listening to was one of the first songs we sang together in the 1950s and recorded it on a 78rpm vinyl disc. Remember them? Norm is the one with the high pitch tenor voice.

He has recently become engaged and introduced his new fiancé  Anna to me. Norm’s first wife died some years ago. He has two adult sons.

“Wow” I thought! Norm is 80 years of age now and getting married again. That has to be memorable!

I reminded him of the song “I’m Free Again” which we sang in February 1991 at our reunion in Paradise Assembly of God Adelaide. 

It was great to catch up with him and meet Anna in person as we talked of the paths taken on the journey of life. What an adventure and God was in it all!

Here in this video he is singing with the Quartet in 1991 at a service in Paradise. Norm is on the far left. 

Talking of reunions, during September Betty & I travelled to Mundubbera in the Burnett region of country Queensland to celebrate the Spoor family reunion. Ive asked Betty to tell you about it. Betty’s mother was a Spoor.


As Fred and I travelled the dusty miles and many hours I couldn’t help musing on what it would have been like for Dirk and Christine Spoor travelling over 100 years ago by wagon with their 6 children.

In their native Holland the small dairy farms were green and lush, often dotted with daffodils and tulips and punctuated with constructed dykes and windmills – and of course the winter snow!

I know the heat was oppressive on that road because my uncle Con carried the scars of sunburn all his life after. As a 12 year old he discarded his shirt & jacket to sit unprotected in that open wagon.

My grandparents would have been amazed to witness the reunion of 100 descendants.

We gathered from near and far; many ages and representing many walks of life. It was an amazing time of reunion, meeting and greeting, and sharing stories and photos.

Sue baker and her sisters arranged the Dutch luncheon; the names of the dishes I won’t try to name, but they were enjoyed by all. Many visited the original farm outside Mundubbera.

Fred and I called in on the young couple pastoring the local A.O.G church. It was good to see him recovering in health as we were praying for him in response to a prayer point from our State ACC church office.

Although the original Spoor family was of Dutch Reform affiliation, in Australia  they worshipped where they could.

Several members of the family were impacted by the Pentecostal message and were part of the Assemblies of God genesis in Mundubbera and beyond.

The oldest member of our reunion was Nellie Spoor (98 Years) still of Mundubbera! This picture depicts the circle of life. She probably also licked the cream on her cake when she was a baby!

All in all the reunion was a reminder of the brevity of life. We only get one run at it. It behoves us all to make the most of it in life, and for eternity.


September came with some good surprises. Three family birthdays with Fathers Day (Australia) thrown in the mix.

When we opened our presents, yes you guessed it three blue shirts!

What is it about Evans women & blue check? They are adamant there was no collaboration.

To top it off “I bought a Jeep”! No I splashed out with a little help from the funeral fund and bought a baby Benz which just fits perfectly into the garage along side all the family stuff we are baby sitting.

The old Nissan Maxima was starting to cost me money in repairs and has served me well having travelled over 235,000 klm in ten years in the Lord’s work.

So in answer to prayer (believe it or not) and the encouragement of my family and facebook friends (the Facebook Family Church), I went out and bought a Mercedes Benz suitable for the two of us, and the grandkids. The best car I’ve ever owned! 

I didn’t tell Betty it was turbo charged though and can go like a rocket. haha!

Hopefully it will see us through our days on this beautiful planet earth. 

Its so nice to drive that I’d like to park it one day at the “Pearly Gates”. lol

Cars oh I know they are only “things” and are just a means to get us from A to B but its nice to relax in a good one and enjoy the ride while we can.

Safety was a big factor so I made sure it was well made. Haha isn’t it amazing how the word “Spin” comes to mind when we rationalize a purchase. We like to think we bought a bargain! But who cares?

Well its nice to be back after a brief sabbatical from internet communications. Please keep in touch and if you don’t go to Church why not consider attending my Facebook Family Church #fredevans. Over 2300 attend world wide! PTL

I remember my dear father would often say while driving his Austin A40 to church:

It’s time to praise the Lord”! 

Oh and by the way, here’s something that warmed my heart and praise the Lord! This news paper article appeared on a recent Papua New Guinea headline.

How good is that!








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