The Hand that Rocks the Cradle

If you have been reading or watching the news of late, the predominant message from the Royal Commission has probably disturbed your soul with its graphic stories of child molestation.

I can’t imagine the evil and subterfuge that was perpetrated against children by evil people who have infiltrated our secular and church institutions.

One of my colleagues in ministry was one such child abused in an orphanage.

Here he talks with me briefly about some of his horrific experiences as a child in an orphanage.

He can only sparingly talk about it, as the memory of the abuse is too painful to revisit.

This is Part 1 of his story:

(You can view part 2 and 3 of his testimony on my Youtube channel at Ps Fred Evans. Select Playlist to find under Sermons & Testimonies)

Its hard to believe that such abuse has gone on and begs the serious question.

How is it that our culture has permitted this to happen and what can be done about it?

Of course there is no easy answer. Abuse aside, there are many norms that are being put aside in the secular world of today.

In general our western culture is in a mad quest to ditch its Christian moral roots and redefine marriage.

The push to embrace a secular philosophy of social engineering is gathering momentum.

What was for centuries sacrosanct is changing into an abnormal standard that is biologically absurd.

As a father and grandfather I feel quite disturbed in the direction our culture is travelling.

I fear for future generations and the moral morass they will inherit.

There are many wiser heads than mine that have addressed these issues so I won’t pretend and try and prognosticate the future.

I can however look back and extol the moral standards that I was taught by my mother.

It was the values she taught me that protected me during the turbulent 50s and permissive 60s.

Now I’m not about to talk about those values but rather the power behind those values that helped keep me safe during those growing up years.

The Hand That Rocks the Cradle is a 1992 American film that popularized the idiom “The Hand that rocks the cradle rules the World”  and means women are very powerful because they have most influence over the way in which children develop into adults.

I have no doubt whatsoever that it was not only the moral heritage my mother gave me but more importantly her ‘Prayers’ that kept me.

Her prayers protected me when I was providentially kept from being sexually molested by an older boy in boarding school in India at the age of eight.

A prime life example is the story of my abduction in Adelaide by a Pedophile at the age of thirteen.

See the story:  The Insidious Nature of a Pedophile

Throughout my childhood I have vivid memories of listening to my mother’s prayers.

Every day she would pray for her family.

I would often find her during the day lying on her favourite lounge with her tiny face upturned in prayer toward Heaven.

It was  in a mission chapel in India I found her praying one day with my father, when I ran in and cuddled her side then knelt down at her knee and gave my heart to Jesus at the tender age of 5.

Many years later as a young 19 year old college student I had a near death experience that caused me to value the gift of life and my mother’s prayers.

Like most young people I felt optimistic with what was ahead of me and to be honest I felt indestructible.

I was in a position to take the opportunity that life had to offer.

I felt I could do anything I wanted.

In my young mind “The world was my Oyster” as they say!

Little did I realise that my life could have been so different within a split second, had it not been for good luck, good fortune or my mother’s prayer?…….Take your pick! I believe the latter!

It was an unusually rainy day in January 1959 when I was back in Adelaide for the summer holidays.

I had just completed my first year at Bible College and felt emotionally, physically and spiritually on top of the world.

I had taken a giant step leaving home and embarking on what was a great unknown adventure.

I would like to say I was spiritually motivated.

But the truth is I wanted to leave home and make my own way in life without the encumbrance of my seemingly strong controlling family.

I was not motivated by anger, rebellion or disrespect for my family, just a desire to explore life away from home.

When a friend of mine invited me to take a ride with him and his girl friend in his new MG sports car similar to this one!

I couldn’t resist!

The three of us clambered into the two seater sports car and off we went.

In those days it was not illegal to cram into a vehicle made for two nor did we have seat belts.

I sat on a small cushion on top of the break handle. Although a bit uncomfortable we were on an adventure and who cared!

We took off into the Adelaide Hills on the winding road up to Windy Point.

The MG performed impressively with its low centre of gravity and road holding dynamic.

The covetous stares of pedestrians along the road added to the euphoria of the occasion.

It was fun as my mate wanted to show me the capabilities of his new car.

I was impressed by its road handing ability as we wound our way up to Windy point in the Adelaide hills.

They say ‘you can never tell what’s round the corner.’

Just as we were pulling around a dangerous curve on the wet road the unbelievable happened.

The back of the car swerved dangerously in the wet conditions.

It happened so quickly and within the blink of an eye we skidded off the road and into a drain; overturning.

The force of the rollover smashed the wind screen and ripped the canvas hood off the car before miraculously landing upright on its wheels.

We sat in the car stunned and in shock, covered in mud & dirt but not a bone was broken. 

Believe it or not, my Mother was praying for my physical safety at the EXACT TIME I had that serious car accident. I was nineteen.

I was stunned! How did she know?

We were separated by thousands of kilometres when the accident happened?

Yet somehow she knew!

Later she wrote me from Papua New Guinea and asked if I was in danger at the time?

There is I believe a “sixth” sense between a mother and a child that has a powerful influence in the spiritual world of prayer.

When my mother died I felt an incredible sense of loss.

It was more than a loss of someone who loved me.

It was an awareness that my prayer support on earth was taken from me.

Is she praying for me now?

I don’t know but the Bible does say we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses who have gone before us, virtually cheering us on. Hebrews 12:1

You see my mother prayed for me ever since I was born into this world.

Throughout my childhood she covered me with her prayers.

Even now when I go into a furniture store and see a recliner’s lounge for sale, immediately it triggers the memory of my mother’s upturned tiny face praying for her family.

In conclusion allow me to suggest, that if you are a mother, you have an incredible ability to change the course of your child through your prayers.

In essence this world, yes this world can be made a better place!

Don’t ask me how it works but it does as you plead for your children in faith believing that God can protect them and deliver them from evil.

As a family teach your children to pray privately and publicly.

It is one of the most powerful gifts you can bestow upon them and by doing so change the course of society.

The Bible does say “the effectual servant prayers of a righteous person avails much.” James 5:16

And so I put it to you, the prayers of a mother in particular (and a father) can produce better world.

Remember the Hand that rocks the Cradle rules the World

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2 Responses to “The Hand that Rocks the Cradle”

  1. Jeune Mcintyre Says:

    Thank you Pastor Fred , You message is always such an encouragement . God is Faithful and we do owe so much to those who have journeyed before us .

  2. Graham Wright Says:

    I always enjoy your Saturday evening post but I was quite astounded by tonight’s guest Mike Rafferty.
    I met Mike and Roz at the Whyalla 50th Anniversary weekend and was able to speak with them all but briefly. Mike was introduced to me simply as the man who married Don & Wendy Faulkner but what a wonderful testimony of overcoming adversity. Roz asked where I fitted into ‘the scheme of things’ and I told her I just ‘stood in the gaps’. I have just this week watched the movie “Oranges and Sunshine” starring (among others) Hugo Weaving but to now realize that I have actually met and spoken to a survivor of that terrible evil regime really hammered home the awful truth. God bless Mike & Roz in their ministry as they show the world what Christianity is REALLY all about.

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