Don’t be Surprised at the People God Uses.

It’s a question that puzzles many a believer in the Church..

A friend of mine from my Toowoomba ministry days at Spring Street AOG , recently wrote an article in the ‘My Weekly PREVIEW’ which triggered a few questions in my mind.

He is a journalist who lives on the Sunshine coast and recently wrote.

Australians are crying out for strong leadership – someone they’d be prepared to follow into battle, writes Richard Bruinsma.

Which current Australian political leader, if they lifted a sword in the face of a charging enemy, would you be prepared to follow into battle.

Ask that conversation starter at your next barbecue and, almost certainly, you’ll be met with blank faces and the awkward sound of chirping crickets.

It’s a question that hasn’t had an answer for some time. Sadly, we’ve almost come to accept the poor leadership we have today and even given up expecting anyone better to come along.

There’s a shortage of leaders prepared to stand fast against criticism to achieve an ideal that is good for the people.

Politicians today are fearful of offending so they react thoughtlessly to noisy minorities, they are distracted by ancillary events to the point of being devoid of good ideas. Their decisions are motivated by attracting votes at the next election rather than community need, and the drive of the well meaning to actually serve the people is soon blunted by generous wages and perks.

“Sadly, we’ve almost come to accept the poor leadership we have today…”

In my opinion, Australia and Queensland suffer from leaders – and opposition leaders – who lack direction, conviction and the ability to write policy that will attract satisfied public support, despite habitual critics.

On the question of leading the people into battle, I imagine Malcolm Turnbull would fear creasing his well-pressed suit.

Bill Shorten would likely shuffle and mumble, before looking to his supporters as they stood around trying to avoid eye contact.

I imagine Annastacia Palaszczuk frowning and nodding sincerely but probably doing nothing and Tim Nicholls would… well, um… where’s Tim Nicholls?

Former PM John Howard was at least prepared to stay resolute for policy despite barrages from all sides, but he’s long gone.

Pauline Hanson recognises the general leadership shortcomings and her attempts to lift the sword are gaining her some support.

Voters don’t want to think too much about the running of the country.

They prefer to get on with their own lives with the confidence their leaders will handle it. But, until there emerges a leader with the right motivation and focus, who deserves to be followed, disgruntled voters will get more involved, pay more attention, and search out those most likely to break the pollie mould, grab that sword and lead the charge toward a better Australia.

This article written by Richard Bruinsma a journalist, who has also worked as a media advisor to two federal politicians on the Sunshine Coast, brings me to this statement.


On this journey called “life” I have been at times perplexed, bewildered and sometimes downright confused by the people God uses.

Oh I know I’m a bit of a perfectionist and expect things to be done in a proper manner.

But when it comes to leadership I seem to have very little tolerance for shoddy craftsmanship in the art of leading.

The way I see it, to be a leader one  must be qualified, expeditious, be an example and have a track record that no one can find fault with.

“Impossible” you say! You’re right!

There is no one in the world that has attained that standard apart from Christ himself.

What amazes me however is the fact that God uses all kinds of people to fulfil His plans on this planet.

Doesn’t the Bible says that “God uses the foolish things to confound the wise and the weak things to shame the strong”. 1 Corinthians 1:27

But that doesn’t mean to say that every government, leader, tyrant or despot is appointed by God.

Simply I believe, God ordains and establishes the kingdoms and governments which fulfill prophecy and serve His divine purposes. 

Some say, “How can God use Donald Trump, he has so many shortcomings.”

  • Well lets have a look at some of the Bible characters that God used.

Remember how God chose Cyrus to fulfill the prophecy of Jeremiah. Cyrus is a king mentioned more than 30 times in the Bible.

He was a pagan king but was instrumental in allowing and funding the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem.

God even called him “his anointed” and said he would be used to subdue nations and open doors that could not be shut. Isaiah 45:1

Yet he did not know God or even acknowledge Him! Isaiah 45:4

If you have the time and are interested here is a 10 min video that will give you something of the history of Cyrus the Great.

He sounds a bit like Donald Trump to me who has unexpectedly  been given power which could be all in God’s plan to alter the direction America is taking…..?

  • Pharaoh was another who had many faults and short comings but God used him to accomplish His purposes.

The Bible indicates that God raised up Pharaoh by hardening his heart in order to promote His own glory. Romans 9:17

  • How could God use King David who was an adulterer and murderer?

Yet some of the greatest victories that Israel had were under the leadership of King David.

God said of David that he was a man after mine own heart. Acts 13:22.

  • What about Peter in the New Testament?

He denied Jesus three times. 

He violently attacked Malchus. John 18:10. Yet he played a large part in establishing the early church.

We have the mistaken idea that people have to be perfect for God to use them, but that isn’t so.

  • What about the leaders in your church?

Do you see their shortcomings? Yes we all have stories of leaders who we believe have ‘spiritually abused’ us. Yet they still remain in office!

Personally I struggle with leader/pastors who hold the office but demonstrate no gifting. Some call them “hirelings”.

Spare a thought for those who have been physically and sexually abused by church leaders.

I find it hard to get my head around that one and forgive. But I choose to do so!

Why? Because I’m not omniscient! I don’t want their legacy to ruin my peace of mind.

Oh I know there is a fine line between our responsibility to speak out and hold our peace.

When I was in a place of church leadership I sought to bring correction into the lives of others, but my aim was to do so in the fear of God and with the collective wisdom of those around me.

But the older I get the more I see of our imperfections and inability to see as God sees.

It’s easy to criticise. You see our judgements are imperfect at best.

God alone knows the intent and motives of the heart.

He promotes and demotes those He chooses.

He knows the condition of the World and the Church and is always in the process of directing the course and the affairs of mankind.

He has His way to bring retribution and justice. Why don’t you pray for them and let God be the judge.

Of coarse use you voice or your vote where possible but pray for them and thats how I choose to think and pray for President Donald Trump.

When I was a student in Bible College, Hal Lindsay wrote a book called “The late great Planet Earth”

It intrigued me at the time and I notice he is still addressing issues like this at with some interesting interpretation.

The bottom line is nowhere does it say God appoints EVERY leader, ruler or magistrate who has ever lived. This is plainly apparent in Hosea 8:4 where in speaking about Israel the Bible says:

“They have set up kings, but not by me; they have made princes, and I knew it not; of their silver and gold have they made them idols that they may be cut off.”

In conclusion, I am not surprised at the people God uses!  The fact that He uses you and me however is truly amazing.

That is why this song is vital in our personal experience and walk with God, that we may be effective in serving Jesus.




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  1. Liz Blake Says:

    Great article with top questions. I myself struggle with what point I will give up everything for a leader cutting across sizzling-hot areas where many of my friends would take it as my personal rejection. The hot-lukewarm question and integrity. But I am practising a little at the moment.

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