2010 – April the month of the ANZACS

.Well Hello, and thank you for checking out our Website! Writing ones memoirs is often tricky as sometimes I don’t know what to publish or what to leave out.

The Bible says in Philippians 4:8 “Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of a good report……..think on these things” I reckon that’s good advise! In any case its the principle underpinning my motives for constructing this website.

.I think this month of April will always be remembered for the  cloud of ash that belched out of that Volcano in Iceland and grounded all airlines of Europe for over a week.

The chaos to transportation around the world surely must tell us how small we are in controlling the affairs of this world when confronted by ‘Acts of God’. Here in Australia however, our April started out with a wonderful weekend of Easter Celebrations.

This year Betty & I along with our daughter Mary, her husband Dan and five grandchildren all visited the Brisbane Hillsong Church. It was a wonderful service as hundreds gathered to celebrate the greatest day of the year. It finished with much rejoicing and fellowship as we met up with acquaintances from our life’s journey.

The highlight for the children was the conclusion when the Pastor called for any family with over 4 children  to stand. Immediately the Farrell children started waving wildly from our seats at the back of the church. No shyness with them as they made known who they were. I have always said that large families have more fun. They were presented with a huge white chocolate Bunny. Needless to say I didn’t argue about the theology of the Resurrection and the Rabbit!

At home Betty spent time with Becky our first teenage grand daughter, teaching her to sew. Rebekah is growing quickly into a beautiful young lady and with good leadership giftings.

I also had the privilege of preaching at the ‘Church on the Rise‘ at the Sunshine Coast township of Beerwah.

Pastor Rod & Rhonda Jobe have  wonderful shepherd’s hearts in caring for their congregation. They are doing a fine work and are planting a daughter church in the beautiful township of Melany.  There is a good sense of unity and cohesion in the church which is a positive indication of its spiritual health. If you are visiting the Sunshine Coast or looking for a healthy church family I recommend this Church on the Rise or check them out on the web: www.Church On The Rise

.In the second week of April our son Ted & wife Kylie arrived from Whyalla for the school holidays and  reconnected with sons Kristan and Harry. They are good boys and enjoyed meeting up with their Dad & Kylie again.

They had lots of outings and fun times together and of course the pool is always a hit especially when cousins are added to the mix. It was a joy to see them together and so happy!

Later in the week David arrived back home from overseas ministry and told of the amazing answers to prayer. The response to his ministry has been phenomenal and the anointing of the Spirit upon his life amazing.

For those of you that know David please continue to pray for him as I believe the Lord is opening doors of opportunity that will have a powerful impact upon the lives of many.

Before David & Ted had to leave again for their places of ministry, it was great to share a Sunday lunch together with the extended family and friends.

A significant day this month was Anzac Day. My grandsons hadn’t been to a Anzac Day Dawn Service, so early in the morning, before day break we walked to the Sandgate War Memorial. Dan was keen to instill in his boys honour for those young men who laid down their lives for the nation.

It was a moving occasion and as I looked around at the crowds that gathered, I could see that for many Australians, Anzac Day has becoming a religious and spiritual event. The reading of the Bible from the Sermon on the Mount  from Matthew 5:1-10 by the Army Chaplain was particularly moving.

It was good to see our secular Australian society giving credence to the Word Of God. It was also an opportunity to teach my grandsons about the horrors of War and at the same time the courage of those who served to save our country. The ” Spirit of the Anzacs” is a phrase that seems to be catching on in Australian which I think is good in this carefree culture.

.A joyful annual event for Betty & I is the coming together of what I call “God’s Anzacs“- those who have served as missionaries on the frontiers of world evangelism.

For the last 20 or so years missionaries and those who have supported them have come together on the Anzac Day holiday to renew old friendships and celebrate great victories. Particularly in the Papua New Guinea sphere where the Australian Church had concentrated so many of its missionaries and resources to church planting.

This year over sixty turned up for morning tea followed by lunch. We not only received reports from Papua New Guinea  but from work that Les Jones had been assisting with in restoring Busses for the Aboriginal Mission workers in the Northern Territory. Marlene Truss told of the remarkable door that has been opened up to her  by the Communist government of North Korea. After the Anzac Day Reunion Betty and I went to Sandgate to be with our grandchildren and a walk on the beech. It was a beautiful balming evening and the tide was out.

As we chatted and paddled on the waters edge there was 3 year old Lydia feeling a little chilly from the sea breeze keeping herself warm in the water.

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