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The Saturday Evening Post this month features a tribute to Ps Paul Newsham with whom I served for over 10 years on the ministry team of the Klemzig Assembly of God in Adelaide, South Australia.

During those spiritually ‘charged’ years of what I call the “Klemzig Revival”, we had the privilege of working harmoniously together with the vision of the  Senior Pastor, Ps Andrew Evans, his ministry team and the memorable Church Board who were the overseers during a period of dramatic extension and growth.

This is my way of honouring Paul and congratulating him who subsequently served over 45 years in full time christian ministry in South Australia with influence around the world. 

A good man!

From the age of 8 until age 20, Paul Newsham preached in the open air in Edward Street, Brisbane, becoming known as “The Boy Preacher” or “Brisbane’s boy Billy Graham”.

He began preaching in churches at 12 years of age, and was actively involved in the local church through his teen years including Youth Committee member and Sunday school teacher. 

In 1971 he entered training at the Commonwealth Bible College, now Alphacrucis and graduated in 1972.

During this time he met Laureen and they were married in December 1973.

They have reared three children successfully through their teenage years and into adult life.

Michelle, Timothy and John are all actively involved in various areas of leadership.

Together they have added the dimension of grand parenting to Paul & Laureen’s life with the addition 13 grandchildren.

They are recognised by all who know them as an inspiring example of a healthy family.

In January 1973, Paul became Assistant Pastor at Klemzig Assembly of God church, Adelaide, South Australia.

This church is now known as Influencers Church and is one of the largest churches in Australia.

In his early years at Klemzig he was involved in some travelling as an evangelist.

Paul has also coordinated many large conventions and crusades filling auditoriums such as the Adelaide Town Hall, Thebarton Town Hall, Apollo Stadium and the Adelaide Entertainment Centre. 

In 1985 he was appointed as Senior Associate Pastor of the Paradise Assembly of God Church [formerly Klemzig].

His areas of ministry in Paradise include membership of the Eldership and Board, preaching, counselling, oversight of administration and lecturing in World Changers College of Ministry.

He has also served as a Board member for 7 other churches. 

In 1988 Paul was elected as State Superintendent of the Assemblies of God [now Australian Christian Churches] in South Australia, serving in that capacity for four years and then as Assistant Superintendent for two years. Starting in 1985, Paul has taken teams on short-term missions trips to countries including the Philippines, India, Estonia, Ukraine, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and Bolivia.

Their activities on these trips have included teaching, evangelism and training of pastors.

He has preached in almost 40 different nations

Laureen entered Bible College in 1972 graduating in December 1973.

She lectured in Paradise College of Ministries and has accompanied Paul overseas, administrating the mission teams as well as preaching and teaching.

She has been actively involved in small groups and women’s ministries at various levels of leadership.

Her other activities include counselling, training and ministering in meetings and seminars around Australia.

She has also coordinated and administered a number of local and national conferences. 

The Newshams are sought after speakers and have conducted seminars in Paradise Community Church and around Australia.

Their seminars were regularly featured on television including ACE TV [Channel 31], Access 31 Television and Optus Australia.

They have also been involved in other areas of the media.

For 6 years Paul made daily news comments on radio and together they hosted a 4 hour talkback radio show on Life FM 107.9. 

In 2003 Paul & Laureen were asked to care take Northside Christian Life Centre Gawler [Now Salt Church] due to the sickness of the pastor at the time.

This eventually led to them being asked to become the Senior Pastors.

They stood down from Paradise and radio to give themselves totally to this new role.

In 2014 Paul was again appointed State President of the Australian Christian Churches a position he held with success for just over two years when he handed over to a younger executive team.

In 2018 they were invited to return to the newly badged 1079Life to host a two hour program every Sunday night and to make news comments every Friday morning.

He also commenced studying a Masters in Leadership with Alphacrucis College.

In February 2019 Paul resigned as Senior Pastor of Salt Church to allow a younger pastor to take the church into a new season and is currently seeking God regarding his own future 

Paul and Laureen are recognised as people of integrity and faithfulness.

Their preaching is very practical and humorous, challenging people’s character and assisting them to apply their Christian knowledge to their everyday life. 

The video below is one of the last sermons that Ps Paul preached on the topic of  – How to relate to your spiritual leader?

Below is the final speech Paul gave to his church in Gawler during the celebration service to commemorate their years of service.

“Before I say anything I would like to give thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the only one who could take the son of a poverty stricken potteries worker from Stoke-on-Trent England and give him the opportunity to preach  around the world.

To be part of the establishment of a very large Christian entity in Adelaide, & pastor a group of people in a significant church and use him to influence tens of thousands of people.

Regardless of what one might consider or think of the legacy of my life so far, we have to give Glory to God for the fact that He is willing to take each us as “pencils” in His hand to write His story.

I thank Him for His patience with me and for my opportunity to serve Him. 

I thank God for my godly parents who, through their very difficult life, taught and trained me to love God, His Word and His Church. Those loves have never faded.

I also want to honour my amazing wife, Laureen, who just over 45 years ago vowed to love me for “better or worse, richer or poorer, in sickness and in health”.

She has lived that promise way beyond anything she could have anticipated and I fear that is true of both the negative and positive aspects of the sentence.

I love you, Laureen, more than the incredible love I discovered on June 15th 1972, way more than the early morning proposal in Dec 1972 and that day, [22nd December 1973].

I never expected, when we stood at an altar in Bayswater Melbourne to be married.

Anything that has been achieved has been because of you, your wisdom and faithfulness.

Thanks you for three wonderful children who you taught to be godly adults with amazing gifts and character.

They likewise have supported us and loved us in spite of my personal idiosyncrasies. 

I do wish to thank three other people 

One, who had no hope of being here tonight, called Wallace Sinclair.

As a young man standing at the bottom of the gang plank of the Titanic with his kitbag over his shoulder ready to board as a merchant sailor, he heard a voice say, “don’t go” so he turned and walked away.

In 1958 at the age of 76 he turned to my father and said, “If you give me this boy I will make him a preacher”.

For 12 years, until I was 20 and he 88, he taught me everything he knew about ministry life.  

Just before he passed away in his late 90’s he said,  ” I had always wanted to preach the gospel around the world but never got the opportunity. I am doing it through you.”

Would to God there were more people like him in this world. I will always be grateful to him for his care and training.

Then, what I would respectfully call “the bookends” of my 46 years of full-time ministry.

Pastor Andrew Evans, who, in 1973, took a massive risk with 22½ year old, opening opportunities for me beyond belief.

Working alongside him and Lorraine for 26 years, and still in friendship with this amazing world statesman, was far more than a dream come true.

It was a plan designed by God to take two couples, who confess they had no idea what they were doing, to impact the world for His glory.”

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  1. jeune mcintyre Says:

    Thank you Pastor Fred for all your efforts to preserve the history of the Assemblies of God church in Australia .Thank you for making it available to all of those involved and those interested in this great movement .I came to Faith nearly 70 years ago in the Compton street AOG .Our God is Faithful ,yes He has lead me guided me kept me on my life journey towards the celestial city .I look forward to when I will see Jesus face to face .I give God all praise for His goodness to me .

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