Ps Ian Parker (Emeritus)

It is with deep sadness that I say farewell to my good friend & colleague in ministry; Ps Ian Parker. ….. Until we meet again!

Ian Parker was one of Australia’s most successful Pastors of the modern era, having served as a full-time ordained Assemblies of God Minister and ACC minister for over 40 years.

His Accession gifting was clearly that of a Pastor/Teacher.

After graduating with a Diploma in Theology from the Commonwealth Bible College, he went out and served the church faithfully in five states of Australia.
The call of God on his life was very evident as he willingly left his home State of Queensland to serve wherever the Lord led.
To her credit, his wife Jan served faithfully alongside him and travelled all over the country. 
They made a formidable team. I salute them!
Ps Ian was a very humble character and held the office of Pastor very unpretentiously.
He had a very friendly disposition, always smiling and made everyone who had the privilege of meeting him feel comfortable.
His character shone through in all his dealings with church administrators, officials and members.
In all our discussions his typical Australian pragmatism shone through lightening and bringing perspective to any conversation.
For many years Ian and I would meet during the week to debrief about our work as Pastors.
Some time later we thought it would be a good idea for other pastors to join us as “Pastoring” can be a very lonely vocation.
An so began the “Old Codgers Club” which was a happy expression for retired pastors to get together and debrief about church and spiritual matters.

A discourse with Ian Parker was always an event!
I also noted his deep respect and integrity in the excergesis of the Word of God. 
At times he Salary Sacrificed so that a church could re-establishing itself after hardship or division and find its feet again or pay of a debt.
That friends is the difference between a “Hireling” and a Pastor!
He was very ethical in the use of church finances and respected the history of the church and the vision of those who preceded him.
He served for many years on the National Bible College Directorate which was a Commonwealth Conference appointment.
Its role was handle the key ministerial appointments and to guide the future policy of The Commonwealth Bible College, which is now called “Alphacrucis College”.
Ian was a great Bible Teacher and practiced the art of preaching impeccably. 
Those that sat under his ministry appreciated that he was not a ‘long-winded’ preacher but would strictly keep to short sermons that always had an introduction and conclusion which challenged action.
Below is a short interview I had with him, talking about the roll of a Pastor!
He was a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ and served the Church sacrificially.
Studied theology at the Commonwealth Bible College.. 1970 – 1972
Churches he Served
Launceston Tasmania…………. 1973 – 1974
Hervey Bay Queensland……….. 1974 – 1976
Maryborough Queensland……..1976 – 1978
Mount Gambia South Aust……..1978 – 1984 (Revival)
Chermside Queensland…………1984 – 1992
Bendigo Victoria…………………..1992 – 2001
Girrawheen West Aust……………2001 – 2002
Kawana Waters Queensland…….2002 – 2006
Albany Hills Queensland…………2006 – 2010
The video below was taken on my iPhone just a few months before Pastor Ian Parker’s passed away.
This is the last sermon I heard him preach!
In Conclusion,
Pastor Ian Parker died on 10 July 2020 and a Memorial Service to celebrate his life was held 29 July 2020 at Centre Point Church – Chermside in Queensland Australia.
100 invited guest attended due to Covid-19 restrictions. 
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