Steve Biggs – Mission to Liberia.

 It is always thrilling to see a new generation respond to the call of God and commit to full time service.

Steven and Margot Biggs are a young couple who are on a quest to fulfil the call of God upon their lives.

Having personally served on the frontline of world missions, I find it exciting to see how the Lord of the Harvest raises up another generation to give of themselves in full time service.

Watching from the sidelines and knowing the cost of service, I am amazed to see the how Holy Spirit continues to gently call and prepare  the next generation for Service ….. Indeed God’s not dead!

The work of being a full time missionary is not an easy task as it generally entails leaving the security of the homeland, father and mother, family and friends, houses and lands, all for the sake of the gospel.

This month I want to introduce you to fine young couple, Steven and Margot Biggs, who early in the new year will be leaving family and home to take up a missionary post in Liberia, Africa.

This is their story.

Steven, at a young age had a desire to learn to fly with a view that one day he would use it in Missionary Aviation service.

With this in his heart he went about preparing himself to procure his commercial pilot’s license. 

Margot likewise who also felt the call of God at a young age and prepared her heart for service by becoming a skilled and experienced Nurse.

In November 1993 they married before moving to Melbourne in 1995 to further train at the Bible College of Victoria completing a course in Missionary Aviation.

After Bible College they returned to Brisbane to raise their family of three sons.

Steven continued his flight training and in the year 2000 he & Margot joined the Missionary Aviation Fellowship.

They were first appointed to serve with the MAF in Arnhem Land, at Elcho Island and then the Gove. 

In 2004 Steven did a short stint with the Missionary Aviation Fellowship in Southern Africa  which was the catalyst that ignited his desire to serve in Africa.

Their boys were growing rapidly and so Steven & Margot returned again to Brisbane to give their sons education opportunities.

During this time Steven gained pastoral experience by working as an Associate Pastor in his local church.

In 2008 Steven furthered his life experience by working as a Police Officer.

Margot in the mean time worked as a Clinical Nurse in a busy Brisbane hospital in the Emergency Department.

One cannot imagine how that experience and training will benefit her calling when she take up medical missionary service in Liberia, one of the poorest nations on earth.

Now that their three boys are adults and have moved on to higher education and work, Steven & Margot feel free to reignite the call to Mission and have duly been appointed by the Missionary Aviation Fellowship to serve in Liberia.

Steven will be flying into remote areas of Liberia to provide medical services and of course as the Lord had preordained it, Margot will be working along side him using her extensive skills as a qualified Nurse.

For over 70 years MAF  has served isolated peoples who are in desperate need of practical, spiritual & medical help.

It was the MAF who helped us open up Papua New Guinea to the Gospel in the 1950s & 60s!

For most of these isolated and remote communities, flying is not a luxury but a lifeline of hope. 

If you feel God is prompting you to partner with them financially please contact them, via their support page on the MAF Australia website, where you can give and perhaps meet and pray for them as you get to know them better and follow the progress of their  journey serving the cause of Christ.

The video below will explain more about them. It’s well worth watching.

I commend this couple to you and pray that if it is in your heart please support them as part of your mission commitment to world evangelism.


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